Jelly’s Commission Terms of Service

All types of characters (species, gender, etc) can be considered! I am willing to work with any designs so long as references can be provided.

Any revisions to commission must be limited to missing features of your character or variations on expressions. More in depth revisions are possible, but will begin to cost more as I take more time. Design and ref commissions can have more in depth revisions taken into consideration for their cost. Commissions cannot be refunded past the sketch stage. No shipping is required for digital commissions, since the file is sent either by Dropbox or Email.

Sometimes commissions may take some time to be completed. Currently, I work a retail day job that can be pretty exhausting. Clients are welcome and encouraged to check in if a week or so passes without any updates. Updates will be provided as I complete each step. Progress on the queue can be seen on my Trello here:

If you are posting your completed commission to an art site, please link back to me in the description. I’m on various social media and I don’t mind which one you link to, or if you even link to all of them, please just link to at least one. Also, please do not remove my signature from the artwork. You paid for it but it was still work I completed. Breaking this rule will result in being blacklisted.

Please be aware that I do not accept any types of commissions from those who are under 18 w/o parental supervision and may reject commissions that I am not comfortable with completing.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

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